Making Bitcoin Smart.

Imagine if Bitcoin could talk to other blockchains, make deals and execute contracts without ever leaving the main network. That's Bel2. BeL2 provides a completely decentralized clearing network service for native BTC DeFi.


Non-custodial native Bitcoin staking in decentralized wallets for security.


Zero Knowledge Proofs provide private and verifiable proofs on Bitcoin staking transactions.


BeL2’s Oracle bridges proof information into Layer 2 smart contracts, enabling various Bitcoin DeFi services.


Decentralized and collateralized nodes facilitate time-based execution and dispute resolution.

Bitcoin as the settlement layer

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All Bitcoin related settlement has to be settled on Bitcoin mainnet for security concerns. BeL2’s light client verification solution and ZK Bitcoin full node plays as the infrastructure.

BeL2 can process all inscription standards like BRC-20's into smart contracts, supporting utility down to every satoshi in any field.​ Our first utility will be shown using the BeL2 Inscription.

Other chains as execution layers


Messages, rather than assets, are transmitted across chains. Smart contracts on turing-complete chains can easily verify these ZKP's thus perform complicate tasks and logic.


zkBTC full nodes and arbitor network

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Decentralized and collateralised nodes facilitate time-based execution. BeL2 will enable an ordinary mobile phone to run a zk BTC full node. One wont need to rely on a 3rd party to confirm a Bitcoin tx. Everyone can verify by themselves.

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BeL2 Website #12
BeL2 Website #12


BeL2 Website #12

Relayers are decentralised facilitators who manage the value transfer of Bitcoin proofs into smart contracts. Relayer nodes provide collateral proportional to the transaction size they are able to handle, earning BTC in return for their service.

ELA: The backbone of BeL2 Relayers

ELA, is Elastos' Layer 2 coin merged-mined with Bitcoin since 2018 with over 50% of Bitcoin's miners security. It has a total supply of 28.22 million coins by 2105 and current circulation of 21.3 million. Within BeL2, ELA is essential, serving as collateral for Relayers, powering trust and stability. Stake ELA, earn BTC contributes to network security, empowering holders to shape Bitcoins smart economy.

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Sasha Mitchell

Head of Operations


Anders Alm

Head of Technical


Mark E. Blair

Head of Strategy



BeL2 is a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin that enhances its capabilities by enabling smart contracts, DeFi applications, and interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining Bitcoin’s security and integrity.

BeL2 uses zero-knowledge proofs and the BTC Oracle to securely bridge Bitcoin with Ethereum-compatible blockchains, allowing smart contracts to interact with Bitcoin transactions without moving BTC off its main network.

BTC Loan allows users to borrow stablecoins like USDT against their Bitcoin collateral, with fixed interest rates and protection against forced liquidations. It ensures privacy and security through zero-knowledge proofs and smart contract automation.

Developers can access SDKs, tools, and detailed documentation to build applications on BeL2. Join our community for support and collaboration.