Making Bitcoin Smart.

BeL2, Bitcoin Elastos Layer 2, is a protocol designed to transforms EVM-compatible blockchains into Bitcoin Layer 2s, without bridging BTC. It utilises a secure Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) data feed, enhancing Bitcoin's utility from a store of value to a foundational layer for BTC-powered applications.


BeL2’s BTC Oracle produces zero-knowledge proofs on Bitcoin.


Decentralised Relayers pass these proofs into EVM smart contracts.


BeL2 delivers a smart economy through dApps on Bitcoin.

Smart Contracts


BeL2 allows smart contracts to run on Bitcoin, utilising a specialised proof and relayer mechanism. This allows any EVM blockchain ecosystem to support a broad range of Bitcoin-powered applications.


Smart Inscriptions

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BeL2 can process all inscription standards like BRC-20's into smart contracts, supporting utility down to every satoshi in any field.​ Our first utility will be shown using the BeL2 Inscription.

Smart Indexer

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Bel2 provides a unified, decentralised indexer for Bitcoin. This open index reduces the need for isolated databases, enhancing resource sharing to support decentralised commerce on Bitcoin.

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Relayers are decentralised facilitators who manage the value transfer of Bitcoin proofs into smart contracts. Relayer nodes provide collateral proportional to the transaction size they are able to handle, earning BTC in return for their service.

ELA: The backbone of BeL2 Relayers

ELA, is Elastos' Layer 2 coin merged-mined with Bitcoin since 2018 with over 50% of Bitcoin's miners security. It has a total supply of 28.22 million coins by 2105 and current circulation of 21.3 million. Within BeL2, ELA is essential, serving as collateral for Relayers, powering trust and stability. Stake ELA, earn BTC contributes to network security, empowering holders to shape Bitcoins smart economy.

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Sasha Mitchell

Head of Operations


Anders Alm

Head of Technical


Mark E. Blair

Head of Strategy



BeL2, or Bitcoin Elastos Layer2, is a Layer 2 solution enhancing Bitcoin by enabling faster, more secure, and efficient transactions beyond simple transfers. It allows for sophisticated operations like smart contracts on Bitcoin, leveraging zero-knowledge proof technology for mutual perception of transactions between the Bitcoin network and Layer 2. This technology ensures the integrity and validity of transactions, expanding Bitcoin’s utility and enabling staking opportunities not previously available with Bitcoin.

BeL2 operates using zero-knowledge proof technology to enable a seamless, secure connection between Bitcoin’s Layer 1 and BeL2’s Layer 2 networks. This allows for the perception and validation of transactions across layers without the need for third-party intermediaries. BeL2 enhances Bitcoin’s scalability and programmability, enabling more complex transactions and business scenarios, such as smart contracts and asset issuance, directly on the Bitcoin network.

Stakeholders, including node managers, ELA holders, and Bitcoin miners, stand to gain significantly from BeL2. Node managers can stake Bitcoin for returns, similar to staking on other blockchains. ELA holders can participate as relayers in the BeL2 network, earning transaction fees in Bitcoin. Bitcoin miners can leverage expanded transaction types and business scenarios for additional fee income, enhancing their profitability post-Bitcoin halving.

BeL2 aligns with Elastos’ vision of a SmartWeb, transforming the Internet into a decentralized, secure, and user-empowered ecosystem. It extends Bitcoin’s utility into decentralized finance (DeFi) and beyond, enabling direct and secure value exchanges through smart contracts. BeL2’s innovative approach to leveraging Bitcoin for more complex applications paves the way for a truly decentralized digital economy, where users can “be their own bank” and participate in a broad range of financial and non-financial transactions without intermediaries.

Smart inscriptions, enabled by the BeL2 platform, revolutionize Bitcoin by allowing its inscription value to be programmatically utilized in smart contracts, turning Bitcoin and its network assets like BRC20’s into versatile payment mechanisms. This integration embeds complex logic within Bitcoin transactions, making them capable of executing sophisticated operations within smart contracts. As a result, BeL2 not only expands Bitcoin’s utility beyond simple value transfer but also seamlessly connects it with the broader blockchain ecosystem, enabling assets like BRC20 tokens to be used in a wide array of decentralized applications. This breakthrough fosters a more interconnected, fluid, and functional blockchain landscape, where Bitcoin’s inherent value and security are leveraged across diverse financial and contractual platforms, heralding a new era of digital innovation and decentralized finance.


BeL2 can generate zero-knowledge proofs for BTC transactions, allowing EVM contracts to verify transactions on the Bitcoin network. This makes Bitcoin the settlement layer for both parties in a transaction. BeL2 extends this capability to recognise inscription transactions and BRC20 transactions, thereby generating zero-knowledge proofs for BRC20 transfers. This approach enables the creation of a BRC20 ledger via zero-knowledge proofs in the contract, offering a more decentralised and reliable solution than an inscription indexer. BRC20 assets can be traded using BeL2, just like BTC assets.